Health Data Engineering

Presently medical centers operate as a collection of disconnected silos, inhibiting the ability to securely share and utilize data between them. With constantly expanding data ecosystems and desktop-based data discovery tools that do not support enterprise-wide analytics governance, caregivers are forced to make decisions in a vacuum and work with conflicting, unreliable interpretations of said data. As these analytical silos proliferate, companies suffer from what experts call a “spreadmart effect” which undermines trust in the data and leads to poor decision-making. Our platform solves this problem by first being connected to the Ever Network, and by creating a data sharing system that can operate on top of it without compromise.


Why Ever Ecosystem?

Ever Ecosystem, is an integrated but modular suite of software with functionality ranging from fostering secured and trustless data exchanges, to big data, to machine-learning, to artificial intelligence adoption, enabling transformative innovation to be brought forth in hospitals and care administration network.


See our collaborations

icon-Ever becomes I-DAIR's pathfinder to provide open-source collaboration and research to UNSG

Ever becomes I-DAIR's pathfinder to provide open-source collaboration and research to UNSG

The Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative (I-DAIR) is a project initiated and led by Dr. Amandeep Singh Gill, ex-Executive Director of the Secretariat for the UN Secretary-General’s (UNSG) High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation.

icon-Ever joined Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator

Ever joined Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator

Ever Medical Technologies was established with this in mind, striving to create a healthcare ecosystem that utilizes the flexibility of bleeding-edge blockchain technology in a way that will allow the adoption of new systems without disrupting existing processes.