Bridging All Dimensions towards Empowering Healthcare Data.

Always up to date, and always on hand.

Vaccine Passports are key to responsible living

Having quick, infallible information on hand regarding your vaccination status is essential to maintaining a healthy environment for everyone.

Personalized Profile

On top of your vaccination status is a personal profile that keeps others informed of vital medical information pertaining to you.

Data Governance

Your data is yours to access and control, easily sharable with physicians and officials as you need.

HIE Integrated

Connected to Ever's Blockchain HIE, your data remains secure against fraud, manipulation, and is up-to-date regardless of where and when you access it.

A mere tap away

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, making it clearer than ever that reform is needed.

With a Vaccine Passport, accessing verified medical information and keeping our loved ones safe is just a tap away.

Whether we decide to travel, get a medical checkup, or attend a large social event, it's our social responsibility to inform others of our vaccination status.

A global effort toward better health

While proof of COVID-19 vaccination remains most vital to global health, Vaccine Passports open the doors to many more possibilities.

Medical identification can be the difference between life and death in healthcare, and the more access physicians have to relevant data, the better their care.

Play your part.

Vaccine Passports are the next step toward achieving more powerful, capable healthcare services. Be a part of our journey toward a post-COVID-19 world.

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