Bridging All Dimensions towards Empowering Healthcare Data.

Blockchain and decentralized paradigm for the future of patient self-sovereignty in healthcare

Healthcare data
is silo-ed and disconnected
leading to burgeoning cost
Technologies today do not allow for trustable exchanges of data across multiple stakeholders
Due to lack of data interoperability there's no real unification of healthcare data, truly owned  by the patients
Data highways today built with existing technologies create vulnerabilities for sensitive data breaches
Data ecosystem
Without interoperability, data-driven innovation that pushes the cost down and empower care do not happen
Ever Blockchain health data
platform merge silos once
and for all
Powered by Distibuted Ledger unified healthcare-data from
Proven cutting-edge solution for well-governed data exchanges
between stakeholders built with patient centricity.
Data inoperability without jeopardising security, whilst unifying patient health record on blockchain
Full Compliance
State-of-the-art PHI /PII security, through blockchain and decentralised storage system with HIPAA and ISO compliance.
Data can easily be plugged from most  health IT systems, choose pre-built apps and AI from our ecosystem to blast
Our developer focused elegant API allow for easy interaction with your data, creating new innovation whilst upholding full security
In healthcare there's no
one size fit-all, we provide full
customisation for your needs
Apps Ecosystem
Choose from more than 20+ pluggable applications for your health network
Third-party Integration
Robust third-party integrations with external services
24/7 Engineers Support
Cost-effective industry leading engineers work around the clock to customise the product to your needs
Configurable Data Platform
We don't only unlock data, we also create  data interaction builder for flexibility of your platform
Micro-services Ecosystem
Our data platform
Ever Health Data Platform
Simply connect with our comprehensive API and unleash the power of your healthcare data. We also have a suite of applications ecosystem for your needs.
Home care
Unified Patient
Healthcare Record
Comprehensive Cloud
Home & Telehealth Applications
Health AI Risk Stratification and Care Management
Claim Data Integrity Pipeline &
Utilisation Suite
Clinical Research
Holistic Patient
Engagement Suite
Provider Network
Insight Suite
Member Relationship
Engagement Suite
Interconnected Health
Personalised Health Management
Self- sovereign patient data ecosystem

Making data secure, decentralized, and immutable

Bolster efficiency with a Hospital Information Exchange designed around patient self-sovereignty and physician needs.

Patients supported


Hospitals connected

Full Integration

All data and operations are managed on the same network, making inter-hospital/ department processes quick and simple.

Ease of Implementation

An inherently flexible infrastructure allows finetuned customization per each party's needs.

Flexible Consensus Model

Privacy retention as well as great performance even at scale is made possible with a unique approach to consensus.

Advanced Segmentation

A multi-channel 'subnet' provides additional layers of private and confidential communication.

24/7 Engineer Support

Frontier system required ongoing support, our engineers are ready to solve any issues or demanded adaptability

Open Source Ecosystem

We are open sourcing our data ecosystem for global adoptions and trust establishment in protocols

Enabling the future of care

Innovations in hospital system designed for the future

Streamline administrative processes and get access to powerful tools that let physicians focus better on what matters most: patients.

Hospitals connected


Patients serviced

Modular Architecture

Modularity accommodates plug-and-play components, easing the development of new applications and solutions.

Tailored Design

Ever's system can be easily customized to fit the needs of physicians across various medical fields.


New services and technology can be easily added and expanded as needed, keeping your organization at peak performance.

AI Powered

As your hospital network grows, so does its capabilities, continually increasing its power and efficiency.

AnnoMed Data Labelling

Fast-tracking the development of medical AI

Ever's AnnoMed employs data labelling an efficient and powerful way to train AI, furthering its capabilities and applications in the medical field.

Active practitioners


Partner medical institutions

Empowering Caregivers & Patients

Ever’s goal of empowering both caregivers and patients alike is realized in our Innovation in Hospital Systems. Completely redesigned experiences for existing, legacy technologies.

Greater Connectivity

Ever Refer and PHR are examples of technologies that have been given a fresh new intuitive design and user experience that further push their capabilities in the form of greater connectivity, accountability, and security.

Actionable Business Insights

Ever Business Intelligence, our machine learning/artificial intelligence based data analysis solution that continues to optimize your institution’s operations with actionable insights.

Join the transformation today.

Ever was created from the ground up in partnership with pioneering engineers and expert physicians. With their wisdom, experience, and technological know-how at the helm, our innovations solve real-life issues that inhibit medical institutions around the world.

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