Ever Blockchain HIE

The world's largest health data blockchain with industry-leading security, interoperability, and performance.

Ever Blockchain HIE

A future-proof, scalable, cutting-edge solution.

Using Blockchain, we've built a revolutionary platform for enterprise level data exchange.

Patients supported


Hospitals connected

Data Compliant

All data is managed in compliance with HIPPA, FHIR, and HL7 standards, ensuring lawful application across the globe.


A private blockchain system lets you finely customize all levels of operation to better fit your needs, freeing up unused resources while increasing speed and efficiency.

Cloud Native

Blockchain makes connecting various data networks safe and easy, all through the Cloud. Working with other organizations has never been simpler or more secure.


Connect with organizations without concern of data manipulation or loss. We ensure that any changes to patient data is audited and verified by all parties.

24/7 Engineer Support

Frontier system required ongoing support, our engineers are ready to solve any issues or demanded adaptability

Open Source Ecosystem

We are open sourcing our data ecosystem for global adoptions and trust establishment in protocols

Paving a path for the future

More than security, interoperability, and performance, our Blockchain HIE fosters growth and expansion in the healthcare industry

Hospitals connected


Patients serviced


Revenue processed

The Ever Ecosystem

A state-of-the-art Data Exchange Platform: an integrated but modular suite of software that features secured and trustless data exchanges, big data collection and analysis, and machine-learning/artificial intelligence powered tools and features.

Trusted Networks

Built from the ground up with the goal of fostering innovation, our system lives on top of the Ever Network, an intricate backend system powered by the latest in blockchain technologies to facilitate best-in-class security while allowing integration with trusted networks.

Blockchain Utilization

Through the secure and open approach enabled through blockchain utilization, the Ever Network will transform how care providers interact with data and technology.

Efficient Hospital Workflows

With a focus on intuitive user experiences and high customizability, hospital systems will enable more efficient workflows and amplify and enhance rather than burden and detract.

The Ever Blockchain HIE Ecosystem is a state-of-the-art Data Exchange Platform

An integrated but modular suite of software that features secured and trustless data exchanges, big data collection and analysis, and machine-learning/artificial intelligence powered tools and features.

revenue optimization
cycle management
cost reduction optimization
billing/referral systems
seamless integrated
easy to manage

Teamwork makes the dream work

We've designed a medical blockchain network built on the extensive interoperability of Hyperledger Fabric. It's a foundation that provides extensive customization, portability, and security, allowing hospitals to do more than ever before.

Chief of all, they'll be able to leverage their vast data for unprecedented levels of innovation.

And that's only the beginning.

Ever Health Data Platform
Simply connect with our comprehensive API and unleash the power of your healthcare data. We also have a suite of applications ecosystem for your needs.
Home care
Unified Patient
Healthcare Record
Comprehensive Cloud
Home & Telehealth Applications
Health AI Risk Stratification and Care Management
Claim Data Integrity Pipeline &
Utilisation Suite
Clinical Research
Holistic Patient
Engagement Suite
Provider Network
Insight Suite
Member Relationship
Engagement Suite
Interconnected Health
Personalised Health Management
Self- sovereign patient data ecosystem

New technology, new possibilities

In the past, medical institutions didn't have the time or resources to focus on security or innovation - they were busy saving lives.

But today, things are different. Blockchain is a piece of technology that's easy to implement, secure, and helps process data really quickly.

There is everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Active practitioners


Partner medical institutions

Empowering Caregivers & Patients

Ever’s goal of empowering both caregivers and patients alike is realized in our Innovation in Hospital Systems. Completely redesigned experiences for existing, legacy technologies.

Greater Connectivity

Ever Refer and PHR are examples of technologies that have been given a fresh new intuitive design and user experience that further push their capabilities in the form of greater connectivity, accountability, and security.

Actionable Business Insights

Ever Business Intelligence, our machine learning/artificial intelligence based data analysis solution that continues to optimize your institution’s operations with actionable insights.