Ever Medical Technologies

Bridging the best in technology for transformative Healthcare solutions.

Reshaping the world one community at a time.

Southeast Asia

Ever has modernized and equipped SEA's most famous medical hub, Thailand, with a data-driven, patient centric infrastructure.

Over 170 hospitals and 5 million patients are currently connected, with many more to come.

Empowering Care

Ever is proud to set new industry standards in accessibility, connectivity, and data governance.

Our products and solutions are ultimately a means to do more good, giving people access to the care they deserve.

Physician-led Pioneering

Ever works closely with physicians around the world to create truly practical solutions.

From evolving existing workflows to deploying new ways to interact with patients, Ever empowers physicians with the tools they need.

Making a difference

For far too long, the medical industry has relied on aging technology and legacy systems that negatively impact their ability to serve patients.

Ever is here to change that.

Using the best of today's advancements, Ever is working side-by-side with industry-leading physicians and technologists to bring the world into a new era of accessible, efficient, and evolving Healthcare.




Passionate employees

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