Ever debuts its products in partnership with AstraZeneca at the DMS 80th Anniversary fair

August 24, 2022
Medical innovation

From July 8th - 10th, 2022, Ever Medical Technologies' Biotech team attended the Department of Medical Services’ 80th Anniversary fair at the Bangkok Convention Center at Centara Central World in association with AstraZeneca Thailand, displaying the latest fruitions of their collaboration. Earlier in the year, Ever and AstraZeneca Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in pursuance of advancements in digital healthcare to promote healthcare services, health awareness and patient empowerment, seeking to impact the Thai people, society, and world at large, for a long-lasting impact on medicine.

In technology, real-world data and real-world evidence is becoming extremely important to novel discovery and innovation. As such, Ever’s biotechnology team have focused primarily on using technology to achieve more with data. From empowering the collection of real-world data and evidence, to better facilitating the research and development of medical solutions, Ever is creating new technologies that seek to redefine healthcare. In total three new products were presented at the medical fair, including a clinical trial management system, medical annotation software, and a metaverse-driven educational experience.

Ever's clinical trial manage system was designed to facilitate and support more efficient workflows in clinical trials and medical research. It can be easily accessed on a friendly web interface and allows the onboarding of participants via Ever’s own modern and intuitive “super app” where users can follow simple on-screen instructions to learn about ongoing research projects, begin registration, and be provided with updates via built-in notifications. Medical personnel can also quickly view anonymous data results of ongoing research projects before even joining them, giving a glimpse into what they can expect as a surveyor.

Available for a live demonstration was Ever’s latest VR-powered project, placing users in a Metaverse environment designed to educate medical students on lung diagnostics. With high-fidelity interactive models, students can easily observe the visual differences between lungs at different stages of lung cancer infection for a much more hands-on experience than ever before possible .

An essential part of honing and training AI modules for more efficient data screening, Ever’s medical annotation was introduced to visitors as a gamified experience. Participants were presented with five lung CT scan slices and were instructed to identify outlying growths in the depicted images before being scored based on their accuracy. This exercise simulated the work that medical annotators must complete to develop more accurate machine learning and AI algorithms in the development of automated data processing software, which will ultimately reduce human error, propelling medical innovation.

Ever’s medical annotation team is recruiting hustlers that are ambitious to drive medical innovation on a global scale to be part of our team’s annotators. A medical background, despite being a plus, is not a requirement to be an annotator. You just need to be a quick learner, organised, and detailed oriented. As for fellow doctors who may be interested, we are also in the process of hiring medical experts who can help establish and maintain high standards in annotating as well. For more information, please contact us at Ever.Biotech@everapp.io.  

All in all, Ever’s biotechnology team displayed a range of products and solutions that will bring about much more accurate data collection, screening, and extrapolation. Ever is privileged to be able to work with AstraZeneca Thailand, sharing a common goal of alighting the healthcare landscape with discovery and innovation through technology. Though merely in its early stages, Ever looks forward to playing its part in creating a new era of medicine.