Ever demos its medical annotation platform at the DMS 80th Anniversary fair

August 24, 2022
Medical innovation

On July 8th -10th  2022, Ever Medical Technologies’ medical annotation service and platform made its debut to the medical crowd at the Department of Medical Services’ 80th Anniversary fair, located at the Bangkok Convention Center at Centara Central World.

During this special occasion, Ever was given the opportunity to showcase a range of innovative products at AstraZeneca Thailand’s booth, providing visiting medical professionals a glimpse into the power of not just its medical annotation technology, but also a comprehensive clinical trial support system, and finally a virtual reality simulation designed to more efficiently educate medical students.

Ever’s biotechnology team also stressed the necessity of medical annotation and its direct impact on enhancing the accuracy and reliability of medical AI. Ever designed its medical annotation service with a focus on three main pillars: accuracy, efficiency, and security. By working with a pool of medical experts from partnered hospitals, Ever is able to provide the right team for the right job, boosting the accuracy of annotation.

In addition, the workflow Ever has created allows efficient annotation and auditing to take place, making accuracy and efficiency come hand in hand. Lastly, being connected to Ever’s powerful backend platform enables clients to securely upload their medical data. The platform also contains a comprehensive dashboard that lets clients track their team’s progress, as well as a marketplace where clients may purchase pre-annotated datasets.

To better showcase the process of annotation, the team guided visitors through a demonstrative game which allowed them to experience first-hand the responsibilities of a medical annotator. Participants were presented with 5 lung CT scan slices which had to be annotated, and were instructed to discern outlying lung nodules on each image before being scored based on their accuracy.

As part of ongoing efforts to bring attention to the importance of medical research and innovation, Ever would like to congratulate and award the top 3 performing participants of the medical annotation game with the choice to select a foundation to which Ever will donate to on their behalf.

1. Sirikorn Tiwanarak (National Cancer Institute)

2. Pannamas Santadusit (Cancer Immunotherapy Fund)

3. Gulnapa Boonmagul (National Cancer Institute)

For anyone interested in learning more, or in joining our annotator team, please reach out to us at Ever.Biotech@everapp.io!